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Negotiating Online Course

12 Month Subscription - $35
Live Mentor +$30

This series presents strategies for negotiating in business and daily situations. It covers techniques for developing a negotiation plan, evaluating the opposition, and taking advantage of body language, props, timing, questions, and correspondence. It presents strategies for gaining control in negotiation situations, and effective methods of getting past obstacles and closing a negotiation. Several everyday negotiation scenarios are explored, with tips for effective negotiation techniques to apply to these situations.

This series is for anyone who wants to get the most out of using smart negotiating skills in business or daily situations.

●  Exercises that allow users to practice the application
●  A file containing the text of the exercises
●  A glossary
●  A Skill Assessment

Topics included in this course:
Negotiating: Negotiating Techniques
Negotiating: Gaining Control
Negotiating: Closing the Deal
Negotiating: Everyday Negotiations

Negotiating: Negotiating Techniques
This course shows how to communicate and evaluate the competition in a negotiating situation.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
Develop a plan for a negotiation
Evaluate the opposition
Use language, body language, and props effectively
Take advantage of timing in negotiations
Ask the right questions to further a negotiation
Use written correspondence during a negotiation

Developing a Plan
Assessing the Opposition
Opening the Negotiation
Using Language
Using Body Language and Props
The Timing of Negotiations
Asking Questions
Using the Written Word
Negotiating Techniques

Negotiating: Gaining Control
This course outlines the different types of opponents commonly faced in negotiations. It also explains how to appeal to the emotions of these opponents, how to use goodwill to succeed, and how to gain and use negotiating power. Finally, this course covers some good and bad negotiating habits and some methods of controlling the negotiating process.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
Identify common types of negotiating opponents
Appeal to opponents' selves and emotions
Build goodwill with an opponent
Gain power in a negotiation
Distinguish between good and bad negotiating habits
Control the negotiation process

Identifying Your Opponent's Type
Appealing to Your Opponent
Appealing to Emotions
Building Goodwill
Getting Power
Good and Bad Negotiating Habits
Controlling the Process

Negotiating: Closing the Deal
This course explains how to get past emotional blocks into the final stages of offers and counteroffers to close a negotiation.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
Deal with anger in a negotiation
Deal with fear in a negotiation
Deal with personal issues in a negotiation
Manage offers and counteroffers
Close a negotiation

Dealing with Anger
Dealing with Fear
When Things Get Personal
Offering and Counteroffering
Closing the Negotiations

Negotiating: Everyday Negotiations
This course examines some common negotiating situations to apply general negotiating techniques.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
Negotiate to buy or sell a home
Negotiate to buy or sell real estate
Negotiate a lease
Negotiate to buy or sell a car
Negotiate for a raise
Negotiate for a loan
Negotiate to return a purchase

Buying or Selling a Home
Buying or Selling Real Estate
Agreeing on a Lease
Buying or Selling a Car
Getting a Raise
Getting a Loan Getting a Loan
Returning a Purchase

12 Month Subscription - $35
Live Mentor +$30