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Frequently Asked Questions @ Computer Coach

We know its sounds clichey, but for us, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Over the years, we get some of the same questions, so we have compiled a quick and simple list of the more common questions. If your question is here, great! Glad we could answer it. If your question isn't here... call us or email us and ask. Please! We would love to help you with your career goals.

Why should I choose Computer Coach for my career, certification, or continuing education?

This isn't an easy question because why we are a correct fit for one person may be different for another person. What we can tell you, that is the same for every customer, is we are dedicated to each of our student's success. That doesn't stop when your class is over, like at some training centers. We help all the way until you have reached the career goals you set. For every person this goal is going to be different, but our commitment to help until the end is the same.

Do your courses help prepare a person to become certified? Should I become certified? Do I take the exams at your site?

That's a lot in one question! Yes, our courses help prepare people for some of the most valuable certification in tech and business jobs. Becoming certified depends on your career goals. We will tell you, "YES!!! You should get certified" Why not? You've taken a class that will help you and you only need to put in some extra study time to be ready. You never know when it will be useful, but we also recognize not every individual wants to become certified, and that's ok, as long as it fits your career goals. As a result, the exams are optional in all of our courses. If you want to just learn skills, then you will find success in our courses. If you want to become certified, you too will find success in our courses. And Yes! You can take the exams at our site, except for exams not able to be taken at a third party testing facitliy. See our admissions reps for more details.

Where are you located?

We are at 5005 North Hesperides Street in Tampa, FL. We are just off Air Cargo Road (Near the Airport), close to Raymond James Stadium and Hillsborough Community College's main Dale Mabry campus. If you need specific directions, give us a call.

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