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Gain access to job postings and career opportunities shared within our community of amazing graduates.

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Connect with experienced professionals and leaders who can provide guidance, support, and help with career advice.

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Welcome to the Computer Coach Alumni Association, where graduates come together to network, grow and thrive.  Whether you're an experienced professional, a seasoned tech leader, a junior tech enthusiast, or making a career pivot, our Alumni Association offers a supportive environment for you and your career.

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Computer Coach Popular Resources

Be sure to check out the Computer Coach Blog for loads of resources to support your job search, professional growth, and career development.  Watch insightful videos about career strategies and hear from experienced technology professionals about tech tools, industry standards, and best practices.  Our alumni are also featured as guest speakers, offering their valuable insights.   

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Discover our exclusive framework designed to empower job seekers, backed by AI-powered ChatGPT. Gain expert tips, career growth strategies, and unlock your full potential!

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Here are some strategies to help you navigate the art of making friends and building business relationships. 

Popular career coach tips! Remove these barriers to success by avoiding crucial errors and crafting a resume that will stand out.

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