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These articles, are written to help you gain valuable knowledge, learn new techniques and strategies, and stay ahead in your career progression. Please note: These resources  are suggestions to better job searching, not a guarantee of a job offer. If you are interested in learning more about our training classes please schedule a free career strategy session.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your career is to have a plan.  An effective career plan should include realistic goals to strive towards. 

Get into the right frame of mind, set aside your worries, find your happy place, calm your fears and silence the imposter. 

Don't let rejection derail your job search, instead, think of it as a chance to learn, sharpen your skills, and possibly adjust your tactics.

Maintaining a level head is key to working through your fears.  This guide will help you stay confident and focus on what you can control.

Taking breaks supports your well-being.  Breaks help you to not only get through your day, but they can help you thrive, break up the routine, and refresh your mind.

How do you recover from a less-than-ideal response during an interview? Here are some tips to help you bounce back and leave a lasting impression.

Popular career coach tips!  Remove these barriers to success by avoiding crucial errors and crafting a resume that will stand out.

Increase success in your job search by taking time to address common mistakes you might be making that could hinder you chance at job opportunities.

Learn techniques to impress during virtual interviews and land the job

Navigating the digital landscape with finesse while showcasing your knowledge positions you as a standout candidate in the virtual hiring process.

Whether a layoff blindsides you or comes after a period of uncertainty, the aftermath can leave you reeling with questions and concerns.  Here's some tips to help you take it one step at a time. 

Tech networking, connecting

Here are some strategies to help you navigate the art of making friends and building business relationships.

Ask impactful interview questions effectively

As you prepare for your next interview, consider asking the following appropriate questions to ensure alignment with your values and career aspirations.

Here are some key strategies to help you navigate mentor matching and maximize the benefits of the relationship

Here are some strategies to help you navigate the art of making friends and building business relationships

Don’t lose a golden opportunity by making one of these simple, but common, interview mistakes.

Stay relevant in your career with these always in demand skills

Certain skills stand the test of time.  These enduring skills not only increase your employability but also pave the way for career advancement and success.

Learn how to build a network in the tech community with Computer Coach's tips

Learn four strategies for building an active network in the tech industry which is crucial for career growth and development.

Learn tips from Computer Coach on how to write a captivating professional summary

A strong summary can help you make a good impression.  Learn five techniques that can help you standout.

Changing careers can be exciting and interviewing can be nerve-wracking. Learn 5 tips that will help you successfully ace interviews in a new industry.

Tech skills, a superpower for resumes. They showcase your expertise and value to potential employers.

Supercharge your job search by browsing company websites, digging into financial reports, checking social media, connecting with employees, and asking savvy questions.

Image of people interviewing

Interviewing is stressful. Learn the tips to standing out in an interview and land the jobs you want. This easy to read article covers tips you may not have thought of when preparing for an interview. 

7 In Demand Digital Marketing Skills

The digital industry is growing rapidly.  There is an entire world that needs to know about products and services and the way they do that is through marketing.

Finding Success in a Modern Job Search

The modern job search requires a different approach from polishing your online presence, leveraging your network, and sharpening your skills.  Learn how with these tips.

Front-end development is a necessary element for every business that manages webpages and applications using coding languages.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) automate parts of the recruiting and hiring process. Learn what an ATS is and is not, and what you need to get your resume through the system.

Let's face it, there is a lot of mystery that goes into writing resumes. Do I still need an address? Do I customize for each job? and more... These 5 tips will help you get well on your way to having a resume that stands out.

Computer Coach teaches you to engage when networking with your non-verbal cues

A smile is the most powerful nonverbal behavior. Not only does it convey warmth and positivity, but it also holds the power to transform our mood and influence those around us.

By using the resources and suggestions provided here and by Computer Coach there is no implied guarantee of a job or of information accuracy by Computer Coach  or any of our partners, guest speakers, panelists, etc. Please note job search strategies change from time to time and the information provided here is opinion only. Use only the job search strategies that are right for you. 

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