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The Tech Success ToolBox is a resource dedicated to helping IT and business professionals advance in their careers. The focus of the "toolbox" is to provide professionals with access to valuable resources and information that will enhance their skills and knowledge and help them demystify the "Job Seeker Journey," 

Career Articles

The Tech Success Network artilces, are written to help you gain valuable knowledge, learn new techniques and strategies, and stay ahead in your career progression. Please note: These resources  are suggestions to better job searching.

Front-end development is a necessary element for every business that manages webpages and applications using coding languages.

The internet has improved the way job seekers can apply for jobs; instead of walking the streets with a stack of CVs, we can now apply from the comfort of our homes.

5 Key Resume Tips You May Not Know.

Let's face it, there is a lot of mystery that goes into writing resumes. Do I still need an address? Do I customize for each job? and more... These 5 tips will help you get well on your way to having a resume that stands out. 

Career Videos

Our career success videos offer valuable insights and strategies to help you reach your full potential. Our videos feature industry leaders and experts who share their experience and expertise on a variety of topics.

You're In Cybersecurity Now What? Presented by Peter Bagely

Experienced Cybersecurity Specialist, Peter Bagely discusses the career planning steps for those interested in a cybersecurity career path. 

Client Success Story Title 5 Here

Salary negotiations is difficult for job seekers. In this informative presentation, Kasandra Perez discusses the tips and tricks you need to know to feel confident in negotiating your next offer.  

Effectively Working with Recruiters with Apex Systems

In this panel discussion, we learn how to effectively work with recruiters to create winning relationships. 

What is DevOps? 

Join Jeff Fudge as we discover how DevOps practices help organizations deliver software faster, with higher quality and better alignment with business objectives.

Client Success Story Title 5 Here

In this webinar on "5 Common Interview Mistakes and How to Stand Out" earn from ourTA professional, Amber Boone, on how to avoid common interview pitfalls and stand out from other candidates.

Building Resilience in Your Job Search

Building resilience is crucial for maintaining motivation & confidence during a job search. In this webinar, you will learn practical strategies for building resilience, managing stress, and staying focused,  even in the face of rejection or setbacks.

WHitePapers & Guides

Tour our collection of whitepapers and guides offer valuable information and practical advice that can help you stay ahead of the curve. Written by industry experts and thought leaders, our whitepapers and guides cover a range of topics

Beginners Guide to an Entry-Level Help Desk Career

In this era of digital evolution, and now work from home, it is hard to come across an organization that does not use computers to do their routine tasks.

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