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 My life was changed for the better. The staff takes an interest in your professional development with a variety of certification courses, and continues to provide valuable advice on succeeding in your job search. 

- Celena -

Project Manager

I recommend Computer Coach to anyone looking for not only career skills but also better life skills. To say that I have just 'gained skills' is trite: I have gained valuable tools that will last a lifetime.

- Joel -

DevOps Engineer


I’ve been working with their students for about 5yrs and I am always amazed by the quality candidates that graduate from Computer Coach. I would give it 10 stars if that were possible.

- Ashley -

Employer Partner

Daniel Perez - Student Success

Daniel: From CSR to Cybersecurity Engineer 1

Hailing from Tampa, Daniel spent over a decade working as a customer service representative. However, he decided it was time for a change and pursued his passion for computers. Taking matters into his own hands, he began enrolling in programming courses, but soon shifted his focus to IT security with the guidance of Computer Coach.

During a local job fair, Daniel came across Computer Coach and was immediately captivated by their engaging learning style and instructor-led online courses. Following a one-on-one meeting to discuss his preferences, aspirations, and future goals, a personalized study plan was crafted. Daniel became increasingly enthusiastic about the opportunities that lay ahead.

While attending classes at Computer Coach and earning valuable certifications, Daniel secured a position in IT security at NTS (NexTech Solutions). NTS, a reputable company based in Tampa, collaborates with both federal agencies and commercial corporations, specializing in identifying and implementing top-notch IT solutions to meet specific requirements. Juggling his coursework at Computer Coach while immersing himself in his new role, Daniel effortlessly embraced the challenges that came his way. He exclaims, "thanks to the incredible support from the Computer Coach team, the certificates I earned, and the resources they provided, I transformed from an intern to excelling as a level 1 Cyber Security Engineer!"

Daniel has set his sights high and eagerly anticipates the possibilities that lie ahead in his career, he wholeheartedly recommends Computer Coach to anyone looking to dive into the exciting world of IT. 

Genesis: Climbing The Ladder of Success with Apprenticeship

Genesis’ success story is truly inspiring and a testament to the power of seizing opportunities. Genesis, formerly working as a leasing agent, recently made the move from New York in search of new possibilities. She started looking into the IT world – more specifically front-end development – on her own. An opportunity arose when she found Computer Coach and she learned about our Tech Apprenticeship program and, without hesitation, she decided to jump in.

Genesis didn't know what to expect when she started her front-end development training and apprenticeship but was eager to learn and do her best. Throughout the program, she gained valuable technical skills in class and learned valuable real-world skills in the apprenticeship she was assigned to. She also learned there are more to IT jobs than the “technical stuff”.  She learned soft-skills are important too. "The course had its challenges, like the final assignment where I had to work with a team and deliver a presentation," said Genesis. "It forced me out of my comfort zone and to realize a tech-job is more than coding."  However, the journey was rewarding, as it pushed her to collaborate, communicate, exchange knowledge with her peers and grow.

Armed with guidance from Computer Coach’s mentors and instructors, Genesis is confident and well-prepared to embark on her next adventure in the tech industry. The comprehensive training she received during the program has instilled in her the skills and mindset needed in the dynamic world of technology. Her journey to pursue her dream and forge a path in front-end development is an inspiration to others that are looking to transition into tech.

From Home Hombyist to IT Professional

Yeider: From Home Hobbyist to IT Professional

Yeider's tech journey began when he discovered the tech apprenticeship and training program offered by Computer Coach. Yeider is a self-proclaimed tech-enthusiast, but lacked formal training and knowledge in the field and was searching for a meaningful career change. He eagerly seized the opportunity to enroll in the training program.

Initially, Yeider had a clear objective: to enhance his technical skills. Already, decent at troubleshooting and assisting others, he was determined to uncover the root causes of technical errors and really understand the tech he had been working with for so long. As he progressed through the program, he absorbed essential skills in hardware, software, networking and a IT security techniques. Although understanding the intricacies of switch control was initially complex, he eagerly absorbed the knowledge and is enthusiastic about taking further classes in this area.

Beyond the coursework, the apprenticeship opened Yeider's eyes to the vast landscape of the job opportunities in the IT world, revealing numerous diverse career paths to explore. The program's "learn as you go" philosophy and supportive trainers demonstrated that even individuals with home hobbyist experience can embark on a successful career transition. Yeider couldn't praise the trainers enough; they didn't merely teach him technical tricks but also guided him through resolving challenging situations and preventing them.

The training and apprenticeship thoroughly prepared Yeider for the tech industry, leading to a life-changing transformation. From his previous struggles and unemployment, he has transitioned into a full-time role that he loves, utilizing the education and training he acquired. He wholeheartedly recommends anyone interested in improving their IT future to consider taking classes with Computer Coach.

Elizabeth: From Small Business to Technical Project Lead

Elizabeth, a technical project lead, who was working for about 10 years for small business, decided to challenge herself and to look for bigger and more complex projects. In order to set her path to success, she searched and interviewed many institutions that could provide her with the PMP boot camp education, and PMI-ACP Certification education. She found that Computer Coach was not only the best in its field, offering hands on classes, but also invested time and resources to offer their students with networking opportunities, interviewing techniques, and how to be successful once hired.

Computer Coach became Elizabeth's springboard to success. The engaging classes and hands-on learning made her experience enjoyable and rewarding. Elizabeth had a total sense of accomplishment when she passed the PMP exam on her first try. She knew the certification would be a game changer because it demonstrated her knowledge and expertise. With exciting opportunities lined up, she was more than ready to take on fresh challenges and responsibilities.

Computer Coach's friendly and personalized approach catered to Elizabeth's needs. They understood her situation and provided the right courses, making the transition to a learning environment effortless; but the learning didn't end in the classroom. Elizabeth valued the networking events organized by Computer Coach, where she connected with industry professionals and peers in her field. These events helped broaden her professional network and opened doors to new opportunities.

Elizabeth was empowered by her training and certification, the new relationships she built while networking, and the efforts she put into her job search. Excited and fortunate to have multiple job offers, she found her true calling in the banking industry and her career took off! The role matched her passion, and her experience and knowledge earned her well-deserved promotions. Elizabeth credits her success to the support and guidance of Computer Coach. Their positivity gave her the confidence to adapt to tech's ever-changing world. Her story represents the power of upskilling and the possibilities that await those who want to invest in their future.

Elizabeth D Customer Success
GuyL Headshot

Guy: From Tech Recruiter to Technical Project Manager

Meet Guy, a seasoned professional with 12 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, combining project management and outside sales. Looking for a career transition, Guy set his sights on obtaining industry certifications to venture into project management. Shortly after deciding to transition, he discovered Computer Coach and enrolled in Project Management, Scrum Master, and Scrum Product Owner certification and skillset courses.

The impact of these certifications was transformative for Guy. With Computer Coach's guidance, he seamlessly shifted from staffing to IT project management with a first job title of IT Implementations Project Manager. His instructor, at Computer Coach, whom he praised, played a crucial role in tailoring his application for the PMP, keeping him motivated throughout the journey. She did a remarkable job presenting the course material which enabled him to attain a solid understanding and thoroughly prepared him to pass all three exams on the first try. Passing the PMP and Scrum exams were remarkable achievements for Guy.

Computer Coach's support and resources were invaluable to Guy's learning and certification preparation. Webinars and tech meetups enriched his knowledge, while the study sessions scheduled by trainers furthered his exam readiness. The positive learning environment alongside motivated trainers and fellow students, made the experience rewarding. Networking opportunities post-graduation empowered Guy to expand his connections and stand out amongst his team. Thanks to Computer Coach's training and guidance, Guy's professional life soared, positioning him for success in project management.

Computer Coach’s tailored approach caters to experienced professionals like Guy. Career resources helped him pinpoint areas of focus, ensuring a personalized educational journey. The PMP course covered a wealth of material, and Guy found communication management and stakeholder management skills particularly valuable in his role as the IT implantations project manager. They empowered him to take control of situations effectively, leading him to become the project manager with the fewest escalations on his team during his 2-year contract.

Guy's success story demonstrates the power of upskilling, and the support Computer Coach provides to individuals seeking to make bold career transitions. Guy continues to stay connected through Computer Coach's Eventbrite site, participating in local webinars and meetups to expand his network and obtain PDUs. With newfound confidence and skills, Guy embraces his bright future in the world of IT project management, and credits Computer Coach fo leaving a lasting impact on his career journey. 

Aracelis: A Marketing Specialist in 10 Weeks

Meet Aracelis, a determined individual who discovered the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program with Computer Coach. 

Her motivation? 

The post-pandemic world offered a chance for her, a stay-at-home mom, to complete skills training without leaving her home, thanks to live, remote learning.

Aracelis began her apprenticeship with clear goals: to gain marketing skills and graduate with newfound knowledge. Through the program, she learned the foundational tools of digital marketing, and confidently started an apprenticeship with a local IT services and consulting company. During the program, Aracelis gained valuable technical skills, including WordPress and front-end development. These skills helped her,  in her daily tasks,  in her apprenticeship where she was able to manage a client's website effectively. Canva, another tool she mastered, has become an essential part of her daily work.

The apprenticeship program not only enriched her skill set but also built her confidence and professional network. Aracelis began with a modest LinkedIn profile but gradually expanded her network through attending meetups and online community events.

One particularly rewarding challenge was the final apprenticeship project. Aracelis had to create a comprehensive presentation for an established business, incorporating all the tools learned during the course, from social media posts to website design and graphics. She is grateful to her mentors and instructors who guided her in understanding her strengths and finding a job that matched her skillset.
Aracelis's journey started with a dream of a career change. Now, with the training from Computer Coach and her amazing work during her work apprenticeship, she was offered a full-time position as a Marketing Specialist! Her story represents the power of commitment to continuous learning and the impact of making career goals and putting in the work to achieve success.

From Stay at Home Mome to Marketing Specialist
From Airforce Veteran to Certified IT Professional

Jeremy: Air Force Veteran to Certified IT Professional

Jeremy is an Air Force veteran with 28 years of dedicated service. Jeremy embarked on a journey to further his knowledge in the IT and Business Intelligence field upon retiring. He initially explored on his own before finding the dynamic support and hands-on training offered by Computer Coach.

Jeremy was amazed with Computer Coach’s tailored approach to experienced professionals which made a real difference. Small class sizes and customized instruction strengthened his weaknesses and amplified his strengths, ultimately ensuring his success.

Jeremy found a number of networking opportunities through Computer Coach which connected him to the local tech community, trainers and fellow students.

Guided by Computer Coach's steadfast support, Jeremy was armed with essential resources: hands-on labs, skills development programs, test preparation materials and their vast array of networking and meet-up opportunities. Notably, the Scrum Master course enhanced his project management capabilities, while ITIL instilled disciplined processes, proving invaluable assets during his transition. Jeremy's determination yielded remarkable results, ending in certifications that unlocked new job opportunities. Along the path, memorable moments were laced with each instructor's unique influence, shaping his learning journey.

Post-program, Jeremy clinched a promotion as a top tier Project Manager, a testament to the doors Computer Coach's certifications unlocked. Jeremy can't praise Computer Coach enough, attributing his success story to their guidance and support. His transformation from a retired Air Force member to a thriving Business and IT professional stands as proof of his dedication. 

Thomas: Experienced IT Professionals Upskilling Journey

Thomas started his career in a call center role, but he had higher aspirations. His unwavering commitment and great performance caught the attention of his managers, who recognized his potential and offered him a promotion into a help desk, network operations role. Shortly after transitioning into IT, Thomas set his sights on upskilling and gaining more IT knowledge and training, to ensure he continued to rise in his career. .

Thomas choose Computer Coach because of the smaller class sizes. This allowed for more instructor-student interaction and engagement, and the ability to delve into complex problems. After a free career strategy session with Computer Coach, Thomas recognized that ITIL Certification was the key to unlocking new career opportunities for him. The support and resources provided by Computer Coach were invaluable to his success, and Thomas never felt that he was missing out during his learning journey.

Throughout the course, Thomas gained a comprehensive understanding of the ITIL framework, which ultimately became the most valuable aspect of his experience at Computer Coach. This knowledge empowered him to make critical decisions independently, now at a managerial level he has a significant impact on the organization. The ITIL Certification had a profound impact on his career in particular enabling him to level up and secure a promotion. "Computer Coach played a direct and pivotal role in advancing my career, says Thomas."

Computer Coach offers a tailored approach to upskilling experienced IT Professionals. This includes free customized career-strategy sessions, small class sizes, hands-on training with real world lab scenarios, certification preparation courses, and expert-led career coaching and guidance. Thomas enthusiastically anticipates the promising opportunities that lie ahead in his career.


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