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Skills Needed for a Front End Development Career

Skills needed for a front end development career

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Front-end development is a necessary element for every business that manages webpages and applications using coding languages. It helps to construct a good first impression and contributes to customers and clients’ user experience. A lot of knowledge goes into the process of front-end development. There are skills needed to carry out a successful front-end development plan. Below are some of the skills front-end developers need to be able to complete their assigned tasks.

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language
HTML is one of the main foundations of the web. It is heavily used for creating websites, telling the web browser the parts of a webpage and how to display each one. You can create and outline images, headers, paragraphs, and more to structure each webpage. HTML also helps with navigation, responsive images, and web support.

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
CSS is another one of the basic building blocks for front-end developers. It is used for styling by front-end developers and without it, there would be no appealing visual design. CSS is what makes everything pretty and not just a plain white background. While HTML is used to format content, CSS is used to update a webpage by altering its appearance with colors, backgrounds, borders, layouts, and so much more.

HTML, CSS, Javascript are the top 3 Front End Skills

Front-end developers use Javascript for advanced interactivity. What does that mean? It means that a website’s functionality, popups, navigation, online games, and overall user interface is dependent on Javascript. Even at a basic stage, this technology allows maps to update in real time and allows pages to update themselves. Regardless of the kind of developer you are or plan to be, Javascript is a highly treasured skill to learn.

Graphic design
Part of front-end development is graphic design brought to life using code. A graphic design skill helps to maintain a sense of artistic control over the development work. Knowing about graphic design helps with maintaining professionalism in the sense that it aids in you making the right choices about the aesthetic of a webpage or application. Presentation is smoother if you have the professional design skills to create a brand or identity.

Testing and debugging
Bugs happen. Being a front-end developer is not only about the codinging, but the testing and debugging broken images, typographical errors, or links that may lead to a 404s. There are testing tools that front-end developers use to detect these bugs. Once detected, they are investigated to find out what is causing them and how they can be fixed.

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Responsive designs
There are more and more people accessing sites from their mobile phones, and so developers have had to keep that in mind when building and designing webpages. Responsive designs change according to what device the user is viewing a webpage on. In some case, this causes the mobile site and the desktop site to look different in layout, content, and functionality.

While the end goal of a business’ front-end design may vary, there are some base steps and tools that are needed to reach that goal. There are many skills you can use to assist in your front-end development talents. This article outlines the core skills that front-end developers depend on to help them provide us with the numerous designs and webpages we encounter on the world wide web.

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