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12 Ways to Calm Your Interview Nerves

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Preparing for an interview by studying interview questions, researching the company or practicing storytelling doesn’t always mean you’re ready for an interview. If you can’t get yourself into the right frame of mind, you may be unable to put up a great performance. 😰 Here are 12 ways you can calm your interview nerves. 🤯

1)  Go for a walk 🚶‍♂️

If the interview is in person, make sure you arrive early but don’t go in. Instead, go for a walk to ease off the pressure and clear your head. Similarly, take a stroll for five minutes around the block to calm your nerves and get yourself ready if it’s an online interview. Be sure you don’t go too far. You don’t want to be late or sweaty. 😅

2)  Practice the S.T.O.P method 🛑

If you’re getting overwhelmed by those healthy endorphins, try a mental trick to destress before the interview. The trick is called the S.T.O.P method, and it goes like this:
S- Stop what you’re doing that causes stress
T- Take a few breaths
O- Observe what you’re feeling and why
P- Proceed to slow down those feelings, so they don’t control you

3)  Prepare for the worst 😱

Most candidates usually have a fear about their performance during the interview, which includes doing things like stammering, shaking, and so on. Recognize how you react under pressure and prepare to handle it.

4)  Make an interview cheat sheet 📝

Don’t just prepare for the worst thing that could happen; also prepare by learning details about the interview such as the address of the organization, the interviewer’s name, top three things you’d like to get across, your questions, etc.

5)  Plan something afterwards 🎉

The thought of a reward for performing well is a great way to be motivated and focused. What can you think of? A nice meal? A massage? Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you can look forward to with delight.

6)  Talk to yourself 🗣️

You are your own best motivator, and there’s no better way to get yourself fired up than speaking to yourself. Tell yourself the things you need to hear and continually reinforce them till you go into the interview. Writing down affirmations and reading them to yourself is another way to get motivated.

7)  Call a friend 📞

Got a buddy that can encourage you in minutes? Consider calling that person and let them give you the pep talk you need before the big, stressful event. 🤗

8)  Listen to music 🎶

Music is an incredible way to destress and quieten the doubting thoughts in your head while also pumping you up with excitement and energy. If you’re not really a lover of music, consider a podcast or speech by someone you admire.

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9)  Smile 😁

Smiling can make you look approachable and get people to be nice to you. Additionally, it can make you feel more confident even if you fake it. Since smiling is free, why not give it a try?

10)  Use stress as adrenaline 💪

Nervousness and adrenaline have similar functions since they produce stimulating effects as opposed to relaxation. So if you’re feeling stressed, you can reframe the energy into being excited. It makes it more bearable.

11)  It’s just a conversation 🗨️

An interview is just a conversation and not a critical situation like facing a Siberian tiger or jumping out of an airplane. In fact, it’s likely that the interviewer is nervous too since they’re also human. 😅

12)  Don’t let the pressure of an interview get to you as you can use the tips above to keep nervousness at bay and make a positive impression. Now go and kick some butt! 💪🚀😄

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