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5 Tips to Ace Interviews in a
New Industry

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Switching careers can be a roller coaster ride - thrilling, and make you want to scream.  One major hurdle? Interviewing in a brand-new industry.  Don’t sweat it! Here’s how to crush those interviews and show them you're the real deal: 

Interview Tip #1 - Research the industry

Researching 🔍a new industry is crucial, but you have to remember you’re not studying for a multiple choice test. Try to gain insights from real people who operate day-to-day in your new target 🎯 industry and job. Then you’ll have applicable context. You’ll also be able to align 🔗 your own past experiences better.

Interview Tip #2 - Highlight your transferable skills
Do an analysis of your skills, then deep dive 🤿into your past jobs and list 📝 the skills used and developed. Always be honest with yourself when listing skills, and do not discount your talent as “small stuff”. It doesn’t matter if you’re going from construction 🚧 to cybersecurity 👩💻🔐 - you will have transferable skills to offer that are valuable and useful. Example, in construction you must be project focused and be able to troubleshoot quickly. These skills are directly related to desired skills for a penetration tester role.
Pursue continuing education and upskilling, get a certification, find opportunities for training to show your commitment to this career transition.

Interview Tip #3 - Demonstrate your enthusiasm and curiosity
Answer this question for yourself, “What is your Purpose?” 💫 Purpose is satisfaction, no… it is more like the fulfillment you get from doing something meaningful to you in your work. From there, link your purpose to your new passion 💕 about this new industry (or job opportunity). Don’t skip tip #1, do your research. Demonstrate that you know what you’re getting into and that you’re excited 😁 about it!

Interview Tip #4 - Leverage your network and connections

☝️Refer back to #1 - Research. You should be networking 🤝 and cultivating your relationships from the beginning. Learn from others 🤓 and also demonstrate what you’ve learned by sharing your opinions and related, professional experiences. Seek out a mentor. If you’re a little shy, find a networking buddy so you can motivate each other to step outside your comfort zone, practice your pitch, and be that professional “wingman” (or wing-person). Networking is so important.

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Interview Tip #5 - Prepare and practice
Yes, you must prepare. But isn’t that what you’ve been doing since you made the decision to pursue a career transition? Since you started researching? Well don’t 🚫 stop 🛑! It’s time to get ready for the big game. You’ve been grinding 💪 - doing research, self-assessment, upskilling, networking 🤝, etc. Now you need to get ready to make your aspirations a reality. Don’t skip this step. Look up common and focused interview questions related to the job description and practice your responses with someone. Also make sure you know your resume 🔝 to bottom. Please don’t forget to check your attitude 😎; this is also a part of preparation. Be positive and rest assured that your hard work will pay off. Believe in yourself.


Listen up! 📢📢 This is really important. Remember to give yourself grace. 🌞 Said another way, cut yourself a break throughout this process. Making a career transition is a #brave step in your #jobseeker journey. Acknowledge that. It’s a good idea to have a mentor, trusted partner, friend, and/or family member for support.

Turn up some good tunes and get started with number one ☝️ - Do your RESEARCH. Take the first step, it’s often the hardest. You can do it!!

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