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5 Resume Tips You Don't Always Hear!

5 Key Resume Tips You May Not Know.

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Crafting a resume might seem like an easy task, but a resume that gets the attention of recruiters isn’t easy to create. The reason is resumes need to be updated and edited for every job you apply for. Here are five tips you’ve probably never heard before that can help keep recruiters glued to your resume.

1. Include your city and state if it helps you
You no longer need to include your full address on a resume. It's okay to leave the city and state in your resume header if you live in the city where the job is posted. It will let the manager know you’re ready to start working right away. And, not give the recruiters a reason to doubt your commute. However, if you are applying to a position in another city, which means you’re willing to move, it’s always best to leave out that detail. Recruiters are usually reluctant to consider candidates due to relocation fees.

2. Be a name-dropper
Some people believe it’s wrong to drop names, but that’s true if the companies you have worked with before are relatively unknown. If you have worked with reputable companies before, or reputable managers, make sure you mention their names in your resume and / or cover letter. Dropping a well-known name gets the attention of recruiters faster. It can make you a favorite for a position if the job history section of your resume is full of achievements. It sends a message that you can perform well on the job.

3. Be selective of the skills you include
When it comes to skills, recruiters always consider quality over quantity. Some job seekers include stuff like “Microsoft Office proficient”, but this isn’t a rare skill, and it can make you lose points with recruiters. Instead of filling up space on the page only include the skills that are relevant to the job. For example, if the job description says must be proficient in Microsoft Office then add it. If Microsoft Office isn't on the job description then list the skills and keywords that are on the job description.

4. Avoid keywords stuffing

While it’s true that many companies use keyword scanning software that narrows down the job applicant pool, you don’t have to go overboard with keywords. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research the keywords to use for each job ad; instead, be sure to use the keywords moderately. Most recruiters can spot a resume with overstuffed keywords, and it makes your application document less interesting to read.

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5. Use hobbies to your advantage
Some hobbies send a message about your type of personality, and such hobbies can be included in your resume. For example, running marathons suggest discipline and determination, while blogging about something related to your industry shows creativity and knowledge.

Most recruiters spend about 6-7 seconds reading a resume before they move on to the next or continue reading. Using the tips above can help your resume stand out in the 6-second test.


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