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Writing a Professional Summary that Showcases Your Skills

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Crafting a standout resume summary is about conveying your most impressive and relevant qualifications in a concise, impactful way. A strong summary can help you make a good impression and influence how the hiring team perceives what you can offer to their team. The secret lies in not being generic and vague. Here are 5 techniques to follow.

Tip #1 - Tailor to the job

Customization is a great way to showcase what you bring to the table and grab your reader’s attention. A strong, tailored summary will also entice your reader to continue reading through the rest of your resume, then hopefully pick up the phone and give you a call to learn more! Make sure to showcase characteristics that are relevant to the particular job. Paint the picture for them to “see you” in the role.

Tip #2 - Use a headline

Resume job title lines are a simple, yet effective way to align with the job description. Bonus if your LinkedIn headline ties in as well, but it is not recommended to change the LinkedIn headline for each job application.

4 Resume Tips

Tip #3 - Highlight your achievements

Summaries should always include your key accomplishments. Consider the ones that are relevant to the job, highlight the skills being sought after, and offer a snapshot of your core competencies.

Tip #4 - Be concise and clear

Your summary should clearly articulate what your value proposition is, or what you can offer. It should also be concise and allow time for other parts of your resume to be reviewed or scanned. 

Tip #5 - Proofread and edit

Print out your resume and proofread. Read it out loud. Also, ask a friend to proofread; better yet, ask a couple of friends. Review everything, not just your summary.  Leverage AI as a proofreading tool as well. 

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